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FlexSim 2021 Update 1: Features and Improvements

Pre-Built AGV Logic, Bottle Shapes, and More

FlexSim 2021 Update 1 has made 4 major changes and improvements.

1. AGV Process Flows -

Now there are four additional AGV Process Flow templates. Starting with a basic AGV implementation, these templates gradually add features and sophistication depending on your needs.

2. Simulation Control Bar -

There are two new buttons in the model’s Simulation Control Bar - Skip and Fast Forward. The Run Time field has been updated to support multiple Stop Times. Now the modeler has better control of the way he wants to run the model.

3. Improved Visualization -

  • RTX MODE Improvements. Improved realistic visual element to your FlexSim model

  • Conveyor Visualizations. Improved visuals of bottling line and the roller color in Conveyor Visualizations

4. Other Updates -

  • Travel Distance Chart Templates. There are new chart templates for Travel Distance.

  • The Time Table’s Snap To field has been improved and now defaults to snapping to the nearest 15-minute time.

  • Added a combo box for changing Option parameters.

  • Improved the interface and functionality of Property Tables.

  • Improved the performance of FlexSim’s window docking system.

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