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FlexSim HealthCare (HC) - the simulation software designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by today’s healthcare facilities. 

FlexSim HealthCare (HC) allows you to analyze all of the components to patient outcomes and evaluate the impact they have on your healthcare system, all in a patient-centered virtual environment.


Simulation is the science of modeling complex sequences of events, and when it’s specifically adapted for healthcare facilities it can unify every aspect of healthcare management. And all this can be done in the easiest way possible, with drag-and-drop controls and an intuitive, patient-centered design.


HealthCare is about Patients. Variance is the reason that a perfect patient arrival schedule rarely works out so perfectly. Simulation can, whether it’s variance in a process, a patient, or even a physician. Healthcare simulation does more than mimic your system — it uses real world data and/or statistical distributions to provide predictive analytics on any facet of a healthcare system. No assumptions, just highly accurate information.


Simulation isn’t concerned with pure, remorseful efficiency in a healthcare facility — it’s concerned with finding the best pace at which a healthcare system can operate most effectively and at the lowest reasonable cost. There’s always time for simulation in healthcare, as a model can help find previously unseen relationships and sources of delay that can be addressed to make your healthcare facility the best it can be.