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FlexSim Simulation System is a PC-based simulation software application. 

Any type of processes, manufacturing, material handling, logistics, warehouse or administration, FlexSim will work.

FlexSim is an easy-to-use 3D simulation software that is used to create virtual models that digital replications of real world operations. It can generate excellent statistical output with supportive data for user to evaluate process performance. 

View more information about FlexSim here.

FlexSim Simulation model is a 3D computer model that replicates the real world operation. User will input real life data to run the model and generate results. With this virtual model, analysts are able to evaluate the current system. The 3D model allows easy visualisation  apply changes to the parameters to create new system. 
Ease of Use

Easy to Use

FlexSim the easiest simulation software you’ll ever use.

Lay CAD drawing as floor mat. Drag and drop objects and resources from the library. It is all within mouse clicks. Intuitive controls. Check a box or choose an option from the drop down lists to change properties and parameters.  

Comprehensive help available from FlexSim Community, local and worldwide.

Visualize in 3D

3D Visualization 

Break out of 2D simulations into a whole new world of true to life visualization.

Watch 3D models in action, intuitve and realistic. Easier to validate the model.

Build your models in FlexSim’s native 3D from the start – no post processing! 

Analyze Your System

Analyze Your System

FlexSim's 3D environment allow you to see the system at work. Discover the causes of bottlenecks and backups.

Create dynamic 3D charts and graphs right in your model. Export reports and statistics. 

Optimise Your Sytem
2021-08-18 (2).png

Optimise Your System

Simulation Optimisation.

FlexSim simulation software includes a built-in experimenter as well as OptQuest® Optimisation Engine. It allows you to maximize your system’s potential. 

Customize Your Modeling Experience

Customize Your Modeling Experience

Import your own shapes and CAD layouts; 

Create your own objects or user libraries; 

Customize controls, and many more!

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