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Storage Location Optimization



- to manage the AS/RS much more effectively

   =to improve the whole operation efficiency

  • to optimize the storage location

  • to decrease the cost on cargo handling and storing

  • to reduce the overstock capital and time consumption during the processes of storing and handling

*AS/RS = Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems


  • Firstly, they construct the initial energy consumption model, and then optimize it properly. They number the storage location according to the concrete conditions of the energy consumption so as to select the storage location adapt to the goods to be loaded and unloaded, and thus reduce the operation cost and improve the efficiency of each link.

  • By using the Microsoft Access 2000 to build the database, they stat and analyze the materials in AS/RS and choose the representative ones, then simulate the loading-unloading energy and time consumption of 10 batch of material in AS/RS randomly under the two different storage modes. Calculating the data by computer and analyzing them by Microsoft Excel 2003.

  • On the premise of minimum storage location energy consumption, they optimize the storage location number arrangement by using the Flexsim simulation. The optimized model mainly chooses 4 rows shelves with 10 columns and 10 layers each row. According to the specific conditions of material, the stacker will select the low energy consumption storage location for the high energy consumption material.


The contrast result of the simulation data indicate that the energy and time consumption of storage is much lower than the traditional storage mode after optimization. Thus it can be seen that it can save the energy and time consumption, reduce the operating cost of AS/RS and improve the loading-unloading efficiency when applying the optimized storage location numbering and storage location optimization model.

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