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Events / Calendar

ALL FlexSim Trainings INHOUSE. The schedules are as below.
Maximum 10 participants per training.

Familiarisation Training


  • 19 July 2024 (Open)

  • 23 Aug 2024 (Open)

Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Capacity: max 10 pax per session

Flexsim Basic Training

FlexSim HealthCare Simulation Modeling
Basic Training  (FENT01_04)


  •  Contact Us For Info

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Capacity: max 7 pax per session

FlexSim Simulation Modeling  & Analysis Basic Training Course 1  (FENT01_03)

Duration:  3 full days 


  •  12 - 14 Aug 2024 (Open)

  •  02 - 04 Sept 2024 (Open)

Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Capacity: max 10 pax per session

FlexSim Workshop
Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Warehouse Training (Tech)

Date: 12 July 2024

Venue: Inhouse Singapore / Online



Have trouble sorting data from multiple tables?

One of the most powerful commands in FlexSim is the query() command.

This session will illustrate the use of SQL in FlexSim model to query/match/search information in global tables or list.




FlexSim Users,

join us in this workshop.

 Date: Aug 16, 2024

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm 

FlexSim Advance Training

FlexSim Simulation Modeling & Analysis Advance Training  (FENT02 - 01 to 04)

Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm daily                                     Capacity: 7 pax per session
Registration : Open

Module 1 -
Advance ProcessFlow

The training will expand from the Processflow basic training to cover in a  greater depth the other activities in the various group such as Basic, Coordination and Pre-emption.

Date: 23 - 25 Sept 2024

Module 2 -
Programing in FlexScript

Introduce some coding features available in FlexSim, additional information on labels, label tables and data bundles and the 4 sets of programming statements used in FlexSim

Date: Contact us for info

Module 3 -
Animation and Kinematics

Animation creation in FlexSim is a feature to create the movement of the shape by defining the location and time lapsed. Kinematics is a code-based approach to creating  logic that   can be input into the system for more accurate animation.

Date: Contact us for info

Module 4 -
Data Collection and Analysis

Data collection and analysis are the most important part of simulation and modelling. User can capture and customise templates and charts to enhance presentation. Experiments is another tool for user to analyse the impact of input parameters.

Date: 26 Sept 2024 

FlexSim Advanced Training can be customised to suit you needs, get in touch today.

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