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Double-E is a Video Time & Motion Analysis Tool.

Pocket Watch in Hand

Double-E is useful for:


  • measuring operation cycle time

  • set operation standard time

  • prepare Standard Operation Procedure

  • analyse work elements such as reach, grasp, insert etc.

  • Establish standard time using International Motion Database such as MTM, MODAPT or Corporate Standard

  • Calculate Capacity and resource requirement

  • Conduct Line balancing analysis

  • Identify Non-Value-Added Movement

  • Compare activities of different operators

Double-E enhances Industrial Engineer work efficiency by: 

  • Normalize time data variance

  • Improve time study accuracy

  • Reduce effort for time study by 60 to 70%

  • Set-up work standard

  • Automate data compilation

  • Conduct comparative study between two similar processes

  • Archive study records validation     

    • Improve the process of data verification and

    • Ensure project continuity

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